Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jameela's Closet.

As I looked through my closet this past weekend I was in total awe of just how much my collection have grown. I have always been told I had a shopping addiction and for once I just might agree. The most interesting thing about going through my clothes is seeing how my style continues to change. Each fashion obsession is greatly emphasized by the number of items reflecting a trend or taste I had during a certain time. I must admit I had those moments where I thought to myself "why in the world did I buy this? Lol . One trend I clearly am in love with is sequins! However sequins are so flashy that they can hardly ever be worn again without notice. This makes me want to run away to another country just so I can relive those moments all over again, but since that is not an option I have decided to sell some items from my closet. I initially had dozens of piece to get rid of but the truth is Im having a bit of separation anxiety. Please don't judge me.

Nonetheless I will now have $50 pop up shops. During these pop up shops all items will be on sale for 50 dollars based on a first come basis. Even designer items will be $50 dollars. Shipping will be free to all states within the US. Each sale will be based on a trend. This week's trend is sequin!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Arabian Nights.

I was invited to a wedding last week. It was an Ivorian wedding so I was uncertain of what to wear. I finally decided on this Arabian dress. It was actually my mom's but she let me borrow it. I guess sharing is caring! =D



NYC Nite.

My girls and I had dinner at Casa La Femme in New York City. Its an Egyptian restaurant, one of the most beautiful places I have dined at in a very long time. I have been there twice so far! It was such a great night out with my girls.  

                                                         Dress- Religion

                                                          Shoes- Zara

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pretty in Pink.

I promise I am not much of a pink girl. I have always preferred darker colors. In fact I have more black clothing than any other color in my closet. However, for this day, my last day as a part of Miss Ghana USA I decided to wear pink. I absolutely love my custom made dress. The dress was made in China, and was done specific to my body measurements. Will definitely be ordering more pieces soon!

                                 Shoes- Badgley Mischka Purchased from Lord & Taylors.
Absolutely in love with the train.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Being African is perhaps the best thing that could ever happen to me. Being a mixed breed of Ghana, Nigeria and Mali simply puts the icing on the cake. Today as I attended a friend's christening I decided to wear an african print design I had custom made in Ghana last december. Monarch designs is an upcoming label that has designed for several celebrities in Ghana. I am in love with the pieces he has made for me. The cloth however was imported from Dubai, I literally had to beg my mom for it but she gave in. Finally! =)

                                                   Love at first sight!

                                                         Side View

                               Gold bracelets- H&M, Watch- Burgi, Ring- Forever21

                                                        Thats all folks! <3

Monday, February 18, 2013

Im Coming Home!!

Life has been a real roller coaster. The experiences I've had in the past 11 months I would not change for anything in the world. Guess who competed in Miss Ghana USA? Me!   It was unlike anything I've ever done in my life. I am now first runner up of Miss Ghana USA 2012. More importantly I have started my own non-profit organization (A Walk In My Shoes AWIMS) . AWIMS is an organization that aims to help disadvantaged children in rural Africa. As of now our target is Ghana. We provide food items, books, clothing and treats to local shelters and villages. For the first time ever it really feels like my life truly has meaning. Charity work is so fulfilling I encourage everyone to reach out to different organizations and lend a hand. Its something you will never regret! I promise! Its official guys! Im coming home. xoxo Below are some candids of different importants moments over the past year.

Photo shoot for the pageant wearing and arab inspired gown.

  Wearing a gown by a Cameroonian designer. Loved it! Red Carpet look for the pageant.

Visiting the children at the Marfo Care Foundation.

Some of the food supplies we donated.

Being Awarded as an Ambassador of Hope for my charity work.

A Walk In My Shoes Logo.

I've missed you guys so much. I've missed blogging so much. I come back more driven than ever before. Hope you Enjoy! <3

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

14th Annual Harvard Busness Conference

This was by far the most memorable event I have attended in a very long time. It was so refreshing meeting such successful people knowing that they were once in my position, filled with aspirations to someday "be somebody". It was so informative yet fun. However I could not lose sight of my love of fashion and although the dress code was business casual I felt the need to spice it up a bit! What do you think?
                                  Blazer- H&M, Shorts- H&M, tank- H&M, shoes- Guess